Accepted Value Costing


Alpha Test Program: End-to-End Walk

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Load Import a set of raw data. Set the period and the workflow states from the data.
Accepted States Specify which workflow states indicate acceptance of valuable results.
Transform Verify the staged data and, if suitable, transform to AVC structures and reset epic categorization. Otherwise, reject the raw data set with recommendations for improvement.
Reset Clear staging, transformed, and state map tables to accept a new raw data set. Hours, rates, teams, personnel, and the team-rate map are retained.
NOTE: Epic categorization will reset during the transform process. You should print a reference copy now.


Period Adjust the defined period's start and end dates, or just check the current settings.
Hours Adjust the hours per day, or just check the current setting.
Rates Create a new labor rate, update existing labor rates, or delete an unmapped labor rate.
Teams Create a new team, update existing team names, or delete an unmapped team.
Personnel Create new personnel, update existing personnel names, or delete unmapped personnel.


Team Rate Map Create new team rate maps by assigning personnel for specific periods at specific loading factors, update existing rate maps, delete rate maps, or resolve personnel over-allocations.
Epic Categorization Specify which epics belong to the new product development category and therefore have target start and end dates, which belong to the operations category and therefore have no target dates, and which are undefined.


Empirical Data Correlation View the correlation results and recommendations for further modeling.
Epic Allocation View the proportional allocation of accepted cost to value per epic.
Pareto View the Pareto analysis.
Roadmap View the roadmap for epics categorized as new product development.
Status Group Distribution View the work density function distribution across workflow states.

Decision Support

Model Work with the cost-to-value decision model.
Executive Summary View or print a formatted executive summary. Available in the Beta release.
Coalesce Subscribe to the AVC AI engine. Coalesce product backlog parent items (epics) into more rational groupings for rational insights driven by decision intelligence. Available in the Beta release.